Sunday 26 February 2012

latest fashion trends

latest trends
Despite the fact that fall 2011′s fashion trends still seem like a dot on the horizon they’ll be with us before we now it. With them will come the first full hint of 2012′s fashions; its trends, its clothes, its accessories.
Read on for all our coverage of spring 2012, including its fashion weeks.
If you’d like to keep up to date with all of the latest fashion trends, 2012′s included, and inspiration on how to wear, style and interpret them.

Women’s spring 2012 fashion trends

5 pieces to keep

5 pieces to keep for the New Year

As the seasons turn, we look not just to new trends but to new ways to interpret the pieces already in our wardrobes. And this year the options are many. So what to keep from fall? Here are 5 key pieces from last season that will continue to serve you well into spring / summer 2012.
60s fashion autumn 2011

1960s fashion

Yes there’s the 1970s revival, but there’s also a revival for the decade the 70s replaced. The swinging 60s are back as a spring / summer 2012 fashion trend.
While it’s a revival that was born with the first season of Mad Men, for spring 2012 the trend has lost its pure-American tones to become thoroughly British. Follow the link to our 1960s fashion guide see what’s on trend.
20s fashion

1920s fashion

Another era is making a return, and its influences are here to stay for spring 2012. Born of a perfect storm of cultural references – the likes of TV show Boardwalk Empire and upcoming Great Gatsby film – the new take on flapper fashion is roaring twenties with a modern twist. Elements of the Deco 30s will also creep their way in.
Keep an eye on our 1920s fashion guide for more.
spring 2012 dresses

Apron dress

Aprons, those little pieces of fabric that have such connotations of wholesome vintage housewifery through to kitchen complexity, are quietly cooking up a storm in spring / summer 2012. But don’t think of this as a literal example of the apron worn fashionably – anything but. Instead an apron motif features as one of the embellishments of spring 2012′s dresses. Read our full guide to the apron dress and skirt to find out all about this fashion trend and how to wear it.
2012 fashionable bikini

Swimwear and bikini trends for 2012

While it’s unlikely that you’ll wear one in winter, with the ease of which we can travel to sunny destinations it seems that there’s always the need to have statement swimwear on-hand. And for that reason the in-fashion styles evolve slowly. Read our guide on fashionable swimsuits and bikinis to find out the styles and elements that will be in fashion in 2012.

Spring 2012 hair trends

2012 women's hair

2012 hairstyles & hair trends

Before you’ve even decided what you’re going to wear for the day your hair cut will go a long way to defining your look. But it’s the way that you style your hair that will really set you apart. Read’s guide to 2012 hairstyles for a full run down and lots of tutorials of all the on trend cuts, colours and styles for spring / summer 2012.
2012 men's hair

2012 men’s hairstyles

What’s on trend in the men’s hair department for spring / summer 2012 as well as the whole year? This season takes you through the full spectrum of men’s hairstyles and haircuts, giving you all the information you need from what to ask your hairdresser for, through to how to style it.

Spring 2012 beauty trends

2012 beauty

Spring 2012 beauty trends’s guide to 2012 beauty trends looks not just at which colours, styles, and products to work into your spring makeup repertoire, but at how to recreate the best of the runway looks for yourself. With tutorials and step-by-step beauty guides, follow the link to find out which beauty and makeup looks you should make your own in 2012.
2012 beauty trends

Spring 2012 make-up you can wear right now

Whether it’s currently spring / summer or autumn / winter where you live, you don’t have to wait for spring / summer 2012 to roll around to get in on the action.’s guide to some of the key spring 2012 beauty looks will take you through 6 upcoming makeup trends you can wear right now. Follow the link for pictures and how-to tips.

Spring 2012 accessory trends

If it’s clothes that make the man, then it’s the accessories that set an outfit apart. Below you’ll find a list of the spring 2012 accessory trends that are influencing spring 2012 fashion.
2012 it bag

Doctor’s bag

Generally each year has an it bag, the handbag so chic and on-trend that it becomes a must have. The it bag for 2012, however, is nowhere to be found. There’s a lot of reasons for that, but consider yourself lucky: it means you’re far less likely to turn up an event with exactly the same handbag on your arm as someone else. Instead, for spring 2012 handbag and accessory trends turn to key themes, such as the doctor’s bag. Follow the link to find out who has designed it, and which on-trend variations of the handbag have been made.

Men’s spring 2012 fashion trends

men tailoring spring 2012

Loose / relaxed tailoring

For so long it’s been all about slim and skinny cuts for men. Emerging from 2011 and continuing into spring 2011, that won’t be the case. Skinny won’t be out, but something else is certainly in. Read our guide to the men’s relaxed tailoring style to find out about the in-fashion cuts of outerwear, jackets and trousers, including inspiration on how to wear the look.

Other spring 2012 fashion trends

jeans spring 2012

Future of denim

Looking at not just the styles of denim jeans but also the business side of things, this guide takes you through the future of denim giving you an indication of where styles will evolve and which denim labels will dominate the future. Read about the future of denim to get an insight into jeans in spring 2012 and beyond.
spring 2012 colors

Kate Spade pink pieces
Kate Spade pink pieces

The '70s
Tracy Reese Spring 2011
Tracy Reese Spring

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