Wednesday 7 March 2012

Beauty Photography

Beauty Photography by Jan Scholz

Jan Scholz

Amazing women photographs by Jan Scholz, talented male photographer from Hamburg, Germany, who currently based in Brussels, Belgium.

Jan Scholz2
Jan Scholz3
Jan Scholz4
Jan Scholz5
Jan Scholz6
Jan Scholz7
Jan Scholz8
Jan Scholz9
Jan Scholz10
Jan Scholz11
Jan Scholz12
Jan Scholz13


Beauty Photography by Tony Dudley

Tony Dudley

Tony Dudley’s World of Beauty Links the world of Motorsport, Landscape,Portraits and Fine Art Nude’s to the classic World of Photography. Embracing the World of Digital Photography to the full using the very latest equipment. Tony’s Sports pictures have been seen all over the world in international exhibitions and have graced the pages of some of the best Photographic magazines. Moving into Landscapes Tony demonstrates his skill and love of lighting creating some fine vistas and and the feel for the location at hand. In Portraits Tony is comfortable using Studio Lighting or natural light for street photography. Using many of the practices from Portraits Tony creates some thought provoking Fine Art images. In 1985 Tony won the first of nine cameras in magazine competitions with this image below of the Metro 6R4, taken with a Minolta 9000 and a 80-200mmm lens during the 1985 RAC Rally at the watersplash in Hamseterley forest. Motorsport has always been in the blood, having competed in Rallying in the early 1980’s in a Dolomite Sprint, unfortunately without any success having rolled the car on a road rally that ended my days as a rally driver.
Tony Dudley2
Tony Dudley3
Tony Dudley4
Tony Dudley5
Tony Dudley6
Tony Dudley7
Tony Dudley8
Tony Dudley9


Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann

Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann

Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann for L’Officiel March 2012.
Title: Jungle Earth
Magazine: L’Officiel March 2012
Model: Nadja Bender
Photographer: Alexander Neumann
Stylist: Vanessa Belluegeon
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann2
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann3
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann4
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann5
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann6
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann7
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann8
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann9
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann10
Nadja Bender by Alexander Neumann11

Classic Photography

Classic Photography by Terry O'Neill