Wednesday 7 March 2012

photography at it's best!!

Photography by John Rankin

John Rankin

John Rankin’s body of work includes some of the most influential politicians, popular musicians, revered artists and celebrated models since the early 90’s. However, Rankin also continued to take on projects that featured ordinary people, often questioning established notions of beauty and causing controversy and igniting debates along the way. Most recently he travelled to Johannesburg with the BBC to film South Africa in Pictures, a documentary in which he traces the country’s photographic history.
John Rankin is affiliated with a number of charities and has created hard-hitting campaigns for Women’s Aid and Oxfam to name but a few.
John Rankin2
John Rankin3
John Rankin4
John Rankin5
John Rankin6
John Rankin7
John Rankin9

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